How to build a nation out of India when Indian parents fail in producing Indians

How to build a nation out of India when Indian parents fail in producing Indians

June 22, 2018, 12:24 PM IST  in Science Nomad | IndiaLifestyle | TOI

As I continue with my social experiment of annoying brilliant young kids from apex academies of India, I am now convinced about a strange possibility.

American parents produce Americans, German parents produce Germans, and so does nearly all the nations on earth, but India stands apart.

We Indian parents do produce kids, but very rarely an Indian.

A kid born in India is constantly nurtured by us parents to hate the nation, its systems, its politicians, its religion, its society and sold dreams about distant lands where an Indian heaven on Earth is already created by God.

Kids of India grow into mainly two types of adults, those who have escaped India and earned a new nation or those who failed to do so and are trying to ensure that their children don’t end up suffering the same fate.

A child born in India is taught that ultimate salvation is in leaving India; and even if one is poor, the benevolent government has ensured that it is available by working hard through state-funded education system that is designed specifically to help kids leave India.

As education is the main pathway to Moksha from Indian labyrinth of life, it is easy to see that the more educated a kid is, the more global he/she becomes.

Being born in India is not seen as a qualification for belonging to a nation. Our kids have to earn a nation through intense hard work to prove worthy of it. So, our education system is busy improving its standards to ensure that USA or Europe gets better citizens for their nation and their growth.

As its efforts are cherished by the nations benefiting from importing these brand new high-quality citizens, we have the strangest phenomenon on earth.

We are such an incredible nation that we are proud that we gave USA its Sundar Pichai or Satya Nadella as its new citizens!

Pichai or Nadella should be proud of their personal achievements, but India surely should not be feeling proud about them. Reality is, they are a shame FOR India.

God did His job by making them children of India, and natural citizens of our nation, but we failed in giving them a nation. They needed to fly out to look for a new nation.

When a nation fails to produce its citizens, it is harbinger of disaster. If you are above fifty like me, we have to admit that we are handing over a failed nation to our kids, and we need to wake up before it is too late.

As we are moving into an open world with national boundaries getting blurred, we may take solace in the belief that this is an era for producing global citizens capable of striking out anywhere. But there is something unique about the great Indian exodus, and we need to cognise it.

As America stands as the greatest example of immigrants’ dream, and a superpower of a nation produced from it, it is a great case-study. India is not the first nation in history to fail in giving opportunities to its citizen and forcing them to leave. Europe did it in past and America happened to humanity.

America is built from people escaping from their homelands and creating a nation for such people. But those who came to early America had a different profile. Those reaching American shores from Europe were brave and even talented, but they were not elites of Europe, and hence they had no real opportunities to grow in their homeland.

The early Indian immigrants to USA too matched this profile, as a lot of them were people without opportunities in India. But the new wave of Indian export is completely different.

Today, it is next to impossible to find a child of an elite living in India. If we take stock of elites such as politicians, bureaucrats or even reasonably rich businessmen, their children are rarely allowed to stick around in India.

As we have elites leaving the nation, we stand at an hour of introspection. If it was about the opportunities, we are already becoming a real land of opportunities. But as the exodus continues, we need to look elsewhere to understand it.

The real reason why even those with best opportunities leave is because we emit a sense of a banana republic where people have no faith in fairness of the state.

The Indian state has failed to provide a sense of justice and fairness to people at every level, making it a very risky country for keeping one’s progeny.

It is this sense of uncertainty that prevents people to get lured by a growing nation with huge wealth creation potential that India is. Even if India offers a lot of short-term opportunities to get really wealthy; it has, even after seventy years of self-improvement, failed in making long-term sense.

While path to building a nation is considered to be whipping up emotions, all that it gets you are some teary-eyed people when national anthem is played.

But, if you want to build a real nation, it requires a strong sense of justice and fairness emitting from the state that people can trust enough to want to belong to.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author's own.